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When violence occurs in a community, children and adolescents are often witnesses to the event and its aftermath. The impact of exposure to violence is associated with learning, health, emotional and behavioral issues. Early intervention, emotional and social support are key in preventing and healing symptoms of trauma.


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Our team is committed to serving children and families who have been exposed to violence in South Los Angeles.

We strive to offer compassionate support to those affected by violence. We understand the challenges that come with dealing with violence, especially for children and teens. Our aim is to provide crisis support and connect you with the necessary resources to start the healing process. Our  REACH Team members are dedicated to providing culturally sensitive and trauma-informed care that is tailored to the specific needs of the each family we serve. 




  • Crisis counseling sessions for children (0-18) who were directly or indirectly exposed to violence
  • Free care packages for each child in the family
  • Case management offered for families of children affected by violence
  • Serving communities in South Los Angeles
  • Workshops and support groups providing education on the effects of being exposed to violence in order to help build resiliency in families and communities



  1. Our service begins with a phone call to our hotline number or receiving a referral from outside providers.
  2. A care coordinator will promptly contact the family seeking services.
  3. REACH Team members will collaborate with families to develop customized care plans to ensure they receive the best support.


Once you're connected to the effect of just one bullet, you're never the same.


No one should have to cope with the traumatic effects of violence alone. The REACH TEAM connects children and families with free professional resources to identify a path for healing.


Women's Wellness

A psychoeducation group for individuals who have been affected by Intimate Partner Violence (IPV).

Healthy Relationships

A one-time presentation to provide knowledge on healthy relationships; platonic, romantic, casual and toxic.

Grief Support Group

A one-time presentation to provide knowledge on trauma, its effects on children, and how to help a child after experiencing a traumatic event.

Youth Wellness Group

Two groups are provided for the age ranges of: 9-13 years old &13-18 years old. An expressive arts group for youth to learn skills to help with self-care and communication, explore their identities, and build confidence and self-esteem.

Trauma 101

A one-time presentation to provide knowledge on trauma, its effects on children, and how to help a child after experiencing a traumatic event.

Grief Workshop

An interactive workshop designed to help you navigate the complexities of loss, providing practical tools and expert guidance to support your healing process.

Youth Wellness Workshop

A one-time expressive arts workshop for youth aged 9 and up to practice skills for emotional expression and communication.

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