Overcoming the Odds

Hear the inspirational story of one of our former foster youth, Adianna, and how she overcame the odds to be the successful woman that she is today.


Services for Foster Youth

Individualized Transition Skills Program

We support transition-aged foster youth in preparing for a fulfilling adult life outside the foster system by providing mentorship and encouraging high school graduation and college readiness. We also host life skills classes with a focus on personal finance and job training. Given the varied needs of foster youth, we facilitate connection to outside community programs that can support a healthy transition and successful future.

Experiential Learning

Our community activities for young children encourage learning through play and new experiences. These programs - After-school, Power UP, Galaxy, Camp Booth and more - help children develop social skills, learn positive habits, create friendships and build confidence.

School Counseling

We provide school-based counseling for students at over 30 schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District. Our team of professionals - many of whom are from the same LA neighborhoods we serve - help kids overcome challenges and build resilience for success at school and in life.

Behavioral Health & Wellness

We provide counseling to support social and emotional development for foster youth, with a special focus on the impacts of trauma. Our team of professionals - many of whom are from the same LA neighborhoods we serve - help to navigate and reduce symptoms of traumatic stress, improve coping skills and build resilience. Programs range from individual and family treatments to specialized support groups.

Adoption Support Services

We support children and families through the adoption process and beyond by providing specialized counseling services for children and training classes for parents. CII staff collaborates with care managers and counselors to support a successful adoption and stable, happy future.

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