Our Approach To Personal And Community Wellness

Children's Institute’s two generation approach strengthens individuals, families, and communities for healing, wellness, and success. We offer high-quality early education and youth programs, counseling services, parenting supports, workforce and community leadership development and advocacy.

Community Resilience

We partner with community organizations, local leaders, and schools to build networks of care that respond to local needs, create more trauma-informed spaces, and increase capacity for healing and resilience.

Strong Foundations for Children

We ensure children have a healthy start by offering free early education programs and by engaging parents in their child’s development from the very beginning.

Thriving Families

We partner with families to ensure children, teens, and caregiving adults have the tools to thrive. We do this by offering programs that strengthen parenting skills to ensure safe and stable environments; preparing youth and adults for higher education and employment; and building support networks for families.

Champion Equity

We advocate for policies that increase investments in education, mental wellness services, foster youth and communities where underinvestment and racist policies have hindered access to resources and opportunity.

Where We Work

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