Volunteer Appreciation Week: Thank you for all you do

April 8, 2019
Ryan Imondi

It’s National Volunteer Appreciation Week and we are reflecting on all of the important ways volunteers have made a major impact at CII. In 2018, we were fortunate to have more than 7,000 volunteers contribute 41,000 hours of service valued at $976,000 to support children and families facing adversity in Los Angeles. From our corporate volunteer groups who helped beautify our Head Start centers to the individuals who show up every week to support teachers in our classrooms, we could not work at the level we do without your help.


High School Student & Volunteer Ballet Instructor

India is a student at Marlborough School who has supported our PowerUp! after school program for over a year by leading ballet classes. Even with a busy student schedule full of responsibilities and commitments, she has remained a dedicated volunteer who is enthusiastic about sharing her expertise in ballet. In addition to sharing new skills, she has made close connections with the kids in her ballet groups. They are very grateful to have her as a volunteer and role model.

India has been an outstanding volunteer in the PowerUp! after-school program. She has been supportive, not just to our staff, but to the kids as well. In her ballet class, India has really worked hard to empower these kids and teach them a skill they may never otherwise have been exposed to. Her passion for teaching and helping others makes her a great role model for the kids who look up to her.” – Jessica Gomez, Care Coordinator at CII

Angélica Zagal

ECS Parent & Soccer Volunteer

Angelica is the parent of two girls in the Soccer Academy at our Watts Campus. She started volunteering three years ago after seeing a need for additional program support, and has stayed on as a loyal part of the team ever since. She is quick to get on the field and lend a hand wherever needed, and always engages with youth to ensure they are safe and having fun.

“I started volunteering for the Soccer Academy because I like the sport, as well as giving back to my community. I help wherever I can, and love to see the kids happy. ” – Angélica Zagal

Paul R. Kanin

Chair for the CII Board of Trustees & Event Volunteer

As the Chair of CII’s Board of Trustees, Paul leads the organization’s effort to increase outreach, impact and philanthropy across multiple industries and areas. In addition to leading the board and lending his time and expertise to further CII’s mission, Paul also finds time for hands on volunteering at CII events including the Winter Family Festival. Paul is proud of CII’s work and the current make-up and impact of the Board of Trustees. When he is not volunteering or advocating for children and families, Paul is practicing trusts and estate law as a partner at Kanin Soffer, LLP.

“I enjoy my time because it is a completely different approach to how I spend the other parts of my day. At CII, we’re talking about lives and humanity. Such a diverse group of people from so many different backgrounds contribute.” – Paul R. Kanin

Carolina Alvarez-Correa

Development Intern & Capital Group Volunteer

Carolina handled volunteer management for the Winter Family Festival. The event had the most families and volunteer in attendance compared with any previous CII event. In addition to her help with the Winter Family Festival, Carolina interned on the CII Development team through a program with Capital Group, her full-time employer. A frequent supporter of CII’s work, Capital Group is an example of a leading community partner because of all the ways they engage with our work and clients. From service on our Board of Trustees, to supporting fundraising events, to providing volunteers and interns to support our programs, to helping improve facilities in the communities we serve – they truly participate at every level of our organization. This type of community service rewards not only the children and families in our programs, but also the individual employees from Capital Group who have the opportunity to form relationships with our team, our clients and our community. Thank you to Carolina and Capital Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility team.

“It was evident that the parents were so grateful to CII for providing their kids with perhaps the only holiday gifts and fun they’d be receiving that season during the Winter Family Festival. The most clear evidence that the families had fun was that they stayed until the very end of the festival. We even started cleaning up and they still wanted to stick around!” – Carlina Alvarez-Correa

Lilia Velasco

AmeriCorp Member and General Volunteer

Lilia is an AmeriCorp member who assisted CII for the PowerUp! Olympics Closing Ceremony. She has also supported trainings on emergency readiness where she provided education for families to prepare in case of a natural disaster. Outside of her volunteer efforts, Lilia was recently accepted into a sign language interpreter program.

“Lilia was very flexible and willing to help in all areas of the PowerUp! Olympics to make it successful. She cut flowers, helped with table decorations and stayed later to clean up everything.” – Soleil Delgadillo, Volunteer & Community Engagement Manager at CII

Patty Capps

Les Amies Chairman for CII Support Groups & General Volunteer

Patty has been a long serving member of CII’s Les Amies, which is a Support Group that has furthered CII’s mission for more than 50 years. As a volunteer, Patty has helped plan important events like the CII Fall Harvest Baskets in November and the Winter Family Festival in December.

“As a member of Les Amies and a CII volunteer, I have especially enjoyed working together with Les Amies and CII staff in planning programs for children and families. It has been a very rewarding experience for me.” – Patty Capps

Evan Spells

Former Client & ITSP Volunteer

Evan is a former client of Individualized Transition Skills Program that supports transition-aged foster youth. When he completed the program, Evan wanted to stay involved to support young adults going through similar experiences. Since 2017, he has been a volunteer, and then intern, in our Fostering Social Skills client groups as a co-facilitator. He also co-facilitated our first ever peer-led group and plans on co-facilitating the next peer-led group this summer.

“Evan has been a vital part of the expansion of Fostering Social Skills groups. I personally would not have been able to begin and succeed in such groups, in particular in creating a peer-led group.” – Julio Cruz, ITSP Supervisor

Jordan Mullins

Student & General Volunteer

Jordan is student volunteer in our Day Treatment Intensive program where she supports our staff and works directly with clients. She has exceeded expectations for her role by extending past the original six-month commitment she made to CII. Jordan is someone CII has been able to trust and rely upon, especially, during the harder and more challenging times in which the Day Treatment Intensive team must work together to provide the best support and safety for kids.

“Jordan is a sweet, dependable, genuine, and proactive person who continually demonstrates her desire to learn and enhance her understanding of early childhood mental health. She effectively supports these young children and their families in reaching their fullest potential.” – Nicole Fauscette, Senior Clinical Supervisor, Day Time Intensive

To learn more about becoming a volunteer with CII, please click here.