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Adult & Family Programs

Family Preservation Program: Families in crisis, who would otherwise be in jeopardy of having their children removed from the home, receive mental health services that will help the family to become mentally, socially and emotionally healthy and functional. (Long Beach Center)

Foster Care Program: The focus is on children/youth who are residing in foster care or probation. The teams provide various types of support to ensure successful adjustments and transitions. (Long Beach Center)

Individual Transitional Skills Program: Foster youth from ages 16-20 from DCFS and Probation work on their independent and social life skills to get them ready to transition out of the foster care system and into their young adult lives. They work on all things employment, education, daily life skills, housing, self-advocacy, permanent relationships, health information and prevention, etc. (Vermont Site)

After-School Enrichment

Electronic Music: Children ages 7 – 12 learn the art of creating music and writing lyrics. Participants create 2 to 3 songs and premier their music to their caregivers. (Watts Campus)

Everybody Dance: Children 5 – 13 learn to express themselves through movement while learning various techniques associated with the art of dance. (Watts Campus)

Free Arts: Children ages 7 – 11 are encouraged to be creative and learn different techniques of art expression. (Watts Campus)

Power-Up After-School Program: Children ages 7 – 10 receive homework help, exposure to different enrichment programs such as dance, art, sports, cooking, gardening, nutrition, literacy, digital arts, and yoga so that children have the opportunity to gain life skills. (Otis Booth Campus)

Watts Soccer Academy: Children ages 5 – 12 years old practice and play soccer by learning the importance of healthy eating habits and exercise. Children will simply have fun playing the great game of soccer. (Watts Campus)

Child Development

Baby and Me: Children ages 1 – 5 and their parents bond through singing, arts and crafts, movement play and story time. (Watts Campus)

Early Childhood Services (ECS): Head Start: Children ages 0 – 3 receive full-day, full-year child care services. (Watts Campus)

Early Head Start Program Children ages 0 – 5 receive full-day, full-year child care services. (Wilshire Campus)

State Pre-School Children ages 3 – 5 receive all day educational childcare services (Otis Booth Campus)

Skilled Volunteering

Clinical Services HUB/MAT: Children ages 0 – 18 receive court ordered and/or DCFS ordered psycho-developmental screenings. Their 4 psychologists work in collaboration with CSW’s, medical staff , schools, foster parents and biological families to ensure access to assessment services (lasting no more than 60 days) that will determine areas of need and ultimately put in place services needed. (Burton Green Campus)

Day Treatment Intensive (DTI): Seriously emotionally disturbed children ages 3 – 5 who have had multiple foster care placements, have experienced or witnessed violence in the home or community, or have been traumatized by some events receive mental health services. They are in the program because they cannot cope in a traditional preschool setting. The goal of this program is to help prepare them to go to kindergarten. (Burton Green Campus)

Nursing Student Opportunity: Volunteers will receive a comprehensive overview of what a Public Health Agency is and how it functions but most importantly what it means to be a Public Health Nurse. (Figueroa Campus)

Office Volunteer: Assist with day to day office administrative tasks. (Watts Campus)

Project Stable Home: Children ages 1 – 5 receive mental health services for young children and their caregivers. (Burton Green Campus)

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