Top 5 Reasons to Attend CII’s Trauma-Informed Care Conference

September 13, 2022
Emily Win

Are you considering attending Children’s Institute Annual Trauma-Informed Care Conference? Here are five reasons you should absolutely join us!

1. Learn tools to use in your workplace
Our moderators and keynote speakers will be leading discussions in what they’ve learned through working with system-involved families and trauma-informed care, a more holistic and healing approach to working. Through their experiences and expertise, they will share helpful techniques to incorporate a more understanding and empathetic approach to your work with clients and students.

2. Hear from experts in the field
Keynote speaker Andrea Elliott is a Pulitzer-prize winning journalist who has witnessed the impact of trauma on children and families through documenting the lives of people on the margins of power. She is an investigative reporter for The New York Times and the author of Invisible Child, published by Random House. Her reporting on Dasani Coates, a homeless child, prompted city officials to remove 400 children from substandard shelters. Her work has been awarded a Pulitzer Prize, a George Polk award, an Overseas Press Club prize, among other honors. She is the recipient of Columbia University’s Medal for Excellence and an honorary doctorate from Niagara University.

Keynote speaker Michael Tubbs was Stockton’s first African-American Mayor at 26 making him the youngest Mayor of any major city in American history. While Mayor, he raised over $20 million dollars to create the Stockton Scholars, a universal scholarship and mentorship program for Stockton students. The city saw a 40% drop in homicides in 2018 and 2019, led the state of California in the decline of officer involved shootings in 2019, and was named the second most fiscally healthy city in California. Additionally, Tubbs piloted the first mayor-led guaranteed income pilot in the country. Currently, he is the Special Advisor to California Governor Gavin Newsom for Economic Mobility and Opportunity; the Founder of Mayors for a Guaranteed Income (MGI); and the Founder of End Poverty in California (EPIC).

In addition to our keynote speakers, we have talented experts in public policy and mental health joining us for our panel discussion. Dr. Angela Venegas-Murillo, MD is an Assistant Professor and Pediatrician at Urban Health Institute at Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science and Alain Datcher is Former Executive Director at the LA County Youth Commission. Additionally, Brandi Eichstedt, PhD, LMFT, IFECMH, CCTP and Behavioral Health & Wellness Manager at Children’s Institute, will be moderating dialogue between experts in trauma-informed care.

3. Get Your questions answered!
You’ll not only hear from our expert panelists, but you’ll have the opportunity to ask them about their experiences, work, or observations! Our Q&A session will be a time to ask field-specific questions to enrich your professional life and make connections with future generations of front-line professionals.

4. Evaluate your own care under a trauma informed lens

Whether you’re a student or professional working with children and families, you’ll have the chance to reflect on your own work. Have you been practicing with a trauma-informed lens? How do you typically approach new clients or students? How have you dealt with challenging client or student situations? Assess where you are and learn how you can incorporate more empathetic, equity-based and trauma-informed techniques into your work.

5. Join in a nation-wide conversation
Many healthcare and wellness workers consider a trauma-informed approach the future standard practice. We are joining in this nation-wide conversation to advocate in shifting the needle to more comprehensive mental health care and wellness. We welcome you to ask questions and engage in conversations around how to work from a trauma-informed lens across all areas of work and expertise.

To register for the conference, head to Can’t wait to see you there!