Tis the Season for our Winter Festival Toy Drive-Thrus!

December 20, 2022
Emily Win

This month, Children’s Institute held our Winter Festival Toy Drive-Thrus for the third year in a row. Our staff was filled with the holiday spirit as we gathered together to give toys to our wonderful families at our Long Beach, Wilmington, Otis Booth, Watts, Compton campuses! Across our different festivals, we had appearances from Elsa, Olaf, Snoopy, and even the Grinch!

We are incredibly grateful for all of our sponsors and community partners who made this possible: Filmtoys, Mattel, JAKKS Pacific, Inc, Project Pop Drop, Dodgers, Mayor Garcetti’s office and a host of individual donors. Because of them, we were able to give away thousands of toys, hundreds of grocery bags, and hundreds of baby necessities such as diapers.

Total Toys: 3500 +
Yummy Bags: 750 +
Baby Diapers: 250+
Children Clothing: 300+

We would also like to thank all our staff and volunteers who worked tirelessly to prepare distribute, and organize each event. Our families were the shining stars of all our Winter Festival activities!

We wish our community a happy, safe, and healthy holidays this season!