One Year of the Pandemic Shutdown by the Numbers

March 19, 2021
Rebecca Hutchinson

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic and our staff transitioned to working from home and providing so many services remotely. Our lives are forever changed by what we have experienced, and our hearts are with those who have suffered and experienced loss this past year.

Throughout it all, we have come together as an agency in remarkable ways and prioritized serving our families above all else.

Between mid-March 2020 and mid-March 2021:

We distributed a tremendous amount of PPE to keep ourselves and CII families safe:

  • 18,440 face masks
  • 47,184 ounces of hand sanitizer
  • 192,600 individual disinfecting wipes
  • 58,900 rubber gloves
  • 5,110 face shields

  • Our dedicated Mailroom Coordinator Oscar Tirado-Serrano put 12,000 miles on his CII van, delivering equipment and essential supplies to staff, clients and partners.
  • On the flip side, as a group we drove about 1.1 million fewer miles for work than we did a year ago, reducing emissions significantly.
  • Our 300 teachers, substitute teachers and home visitors, along with a large group of in-classroom parent volunteers, transformed CII preschools serving 2,200 children across nearly 30 locations to virtual classrooms overnight as Los Angeles shut down in March. We then transitioned back to safely re-open 13  preschool classrooms, thoroughly training staff on the new safety protocols. Next month, we’ll open seven more preschool classrooms, four toddler classrooms and one infant classroom.

  • We distributed more than $1.7 million in assistance and supplies to CII families, which included gift cards for food, rent assistance, and in-kind donations of diapers, formula and clothing.

  • We were awarded 57  grants totaling $22.15 million, including $1.4 million in COVID-19 relief.
  • We raised $511,220 at three virtual fundraising events, with 473  households attending.

  • We achieved our $25.8 million capital campaign goal for our new campus in Watts!

The new Watts campus grew from this

to this

  • While many companies were forced to pause on recruiting or downsize, we hired 264 staff members.
  • We gathered for 11  Virtual Town Hall staff meetings.
  • 10,518 attendees participated in 293 trainings held during the pandemic, all but 5 of which were virtual. This includes teacher and Office of Equity trainings, as well as those offered to our community partners.
  • And finally… collectively, we spent 4,245,869 minutes on Zoom! And these were just the Zoom meetings initiated on CII accounts. Imagine how many more minutes we spent on Zoom meetings initiated by outside groups, not to mention on MS Teams meetings!

With mass vaccine distribution underway and COVID-19 cases subsiding, there’s a light at the end of this very dark tunnel. We have a lot of work to do but are hopeful that this next year will be brighter. Remember to stay the course and continue to follow COVID-19 safety guidelines.