Fathers at the Forefront: Celebrating Fatherhood Well-being Month

July 10, 2024
Hyesun Ahn

June marks the beginning of summer, a monumental occasion for many. However, at Children’s Institute, June holds even deeper significance and is a month we recognize and celebrate healthy fathers and families. “Fatherhood Well-being Month” was declared through a resolution (HR 36[1]) passed in California on June 27, 2023. This resolution was the result of collaborative efforts between Children’s Institute’s “Project Fatherhood” program, the Government Relations & Advocacy team and Assemblymember Mike Gipson. Assemblymember Gipson has been a vocal advocate for fathers in Los Angeles, ensuring their presence and voices are recognized in meaningful forums.

The presence of healthy fathers in their children’s lives is invaluable. According to a study by the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Institute for Research on Poverty[2], positive father involvement is associated with children’s higher academic achievement, greater school readiness, stronger math and verbal skills, greater emotional security, higher self-esteem, fewer behavioral problems and greater social competence among other peers.

A recent  New York Times article by Claire Cain Miller[3] underscored the unique and profound influence a male teacher can have on children, particularly boys. This highlights the critical role positive, nurturing male figures play in children’s lives – which, if influential in the classroom, is even more profound within a home.

Project Fatherhood, a program at Children’s Institute, empowers dads to build strong relationships with their children. This unique program provides parenting support to men in caregiving roles through an integrated network of activities that promote effective and nurturing parenting, relationship-building skills and robust economic stability services.

Recognizing the essential role of fathers, Children’s Institute’s advocacy efforts led to a county motion calling for a report to identify service gaps and recommendations to improve public social service access. This initiative organized community meetings, inviting fathers and partners across communities to share, listen and strategize on better serving fathers and ensuring they can access much-needed public benefits while remaining connected to their children’s lives.

From November 2023 to January 2024, a series of listening sessions allowed LA County representatives to hear directly from fathers impacted by systemic inequity. These sessions resulted in:

  • 60 challenges raised regarding child services, mental health, economic support and the justice system.
  • 27 recommendations advanced by the County to address these challenges.
  • 8 recommendations directly from Children’s Institute identified for continued action and advocacy for fathers.

This collaborative effort underscores the importance of supporting fathers and ensuring their well-being, ultimately benefiting children and communities at large. We recognize that these changes are a result of our fathers’ advocacy and through their efforts, advocacy will continue to support thriving families.

For more information on Project Fatherhood, please visit our website: www.childrensinstitute.org/PF



For over 20 years, Children’s Institute’s Project Fatherhood program has provided parenting supports to more than 15,000 men in caregiving roles across Los Angeles. Fathers are integral to families and provide a strong foundation for educational success and emotional well-being, which build pathways to economic mobility and lifelong health.


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