CII and the COVID-19 Vaccine

March 5, 2021
Rebecca Hutchinson

Several staff members who were vaccinated shared their experiences with the rest of us at our February Virtual Town Hall. This special meeting focused on the vaccine – we wanted to answer staff questions and clear up confusion and misconceptions. First, we showed this video produced by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health explaining how the vaccine works. Then two doctors from Cedars-Sinai answered staff questions: Dr. Karen Youmbi, Associate Director of the Outpatient Pharmacies, and Dr. Rachel Zabner, who is board-certified in infectious diseases.


This Q&A was yet another example of our multi-faceted partnership with Cedars. Cedars has given CII nearly half a million dollars over the last four years, funding everything from mental health services, groceries and Family Flex Funds for parents of children enrolled in our programs to training for CII’s Early Childhood Education staff, Salesforce implementation, our web-based care coordination system, and our Office of Equity. We all learned a lot, and we hope to host something similar for CII families soon.