Children in Ukraine and at Home

March 2, 2022
Martine Singer

Dear CII Family,

At CII, our programs have been designed to address the long-term effects of inter-generational trauma stemming from poverty, prejudice and violence here in Los Angeles.

Children in Ukraine have lived under the threat of war for more than eight years—most of their lives—while their parents lived through the young country’s fight for independence. Right now, children are caught in the middle of armed conflict; many have been separated from their parents and caregivers; damaged infrastructure threatens access to food, water and shelter; and activities that once brought comfort and stability, like learning and play, have been halted.

Through our work, we know that such adversity without support can profoundly impact a child’s ability to realize their full potential.

It is reasonable to see all of this injustice—across the world, in our country, down the street—and be overwhelmed. But if there is anything to gain from these collective experiences, it is the understanding that we are inescapably connected. The fate of all of our children hinges on our everyday decisions to stand up for what is right and to help instead of harm.

Here are some things that we can do, together, to make a difference:

Remember that no act of kindness—even to yourself—is too small to impact the bigger picture.

In community,

Martine Singer