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Training and Conferences

CII plays a leading role in informing and equipping child welfare professionals in many disciplines with knowledge and techniques they need to provide optimum services to children and families in their communities. From postgraduate internships to small-group workshops to national conferences, CII offers a wealth of learning opportunities that keep professionals abreast of timely issues and at the cutting edge of their field.

Continuing Education Units are offered for most CII trainings. Check specific event registration information for details. Children’s Institute, Inc. controls the content and presentations of all Continuing Education activities. All educational activities must be free of commercial bias for or against any product, and the conference-related educational materials, including a speaker’s presentation, must not advance the proprietary interests of a financial supporter or proprietary company. This policy provides definitions and instances of potential conflicts of interest and describes the controls in place to prevent such conflicts of interest.

Training participants will be strongly encouraged to provide candid feedback about their training experiences. If complaints emerge during this evaluation process or during any phase of the training, the follow steps will be taken: the participant will be given the opportunity to meet privately with the training staff onsite. If the participant requests in writing and should it be necessary, he/she will be given a full or partial refund of training fees, or credit for subsequent training/workshops. A copy of the written procedure will be provided upon request.

Upcoming Training & Conferences (see all)

IY Small Group Dinosaur Child Group Leader “Dina Dinosaur” Training

July 17, 2017—July 19, 2017

Download this training’s flyer About the Event DINOSAUR CHILD EMOTION, SOCIAL SKILLS AND PROBLEM-SOLVING TRAINING FOR CHILDREN This 3-day workshop will present in depth the child training program designed by Dr. Webster-Stratton to promote children’s…

Incredible Years (IY) Parent & Child Consultation Training

July 20, 2017

Download this training’s flyer Parent and Child Consultation Training: Group leaders will work with Peter Loft to receive consultation on their parent or child groups (half of the day will be devoted to each program). Group…

Project Fatherhood SM 5-Day Training on Men in Relationships Group (MIRG SM) Model

July 31, 2017—August 4, 2017

Research has shown that father presence reduces many negative outcomes for at risk children. At Children’s Institute, Inc. (CII) we sought to address the problem of father absence by developing a comprehensive fatherhood program. This program has been validated by…

Recent Events (view all past events)

CII's ASQ-SE-2 Training

June 22, 2017

From very early in life, children begin to learn to regulate their emotional states, create relationships with caregivers, and explore the world. These social and emotional skills are critical to all other learning. Recognizing and responding to concerns about social…

Register Now! Child Parent Psychotherapy, Cohort XI Booster 2

June 19, 2017—June 20, 2017

Download a copy of the workshop flyer About the Event: Child-Parent Psychotherapy (CPP) is an evidence-based treatment model for children birth to five who have experienced traumatic events and/or experiencing attachment and behavioral problems. Treatment focuses…

REGISTER NOW! 10th Annual Fatherhood Solution Conference

June 16, 2017

It’s Time for Some REAL TALK! CII and Project Fatherhood SM are pleased to announce that as a follow-up to our 2016 Fatherhood Summit, our 10th Annual Fatherhood Solution Conference will be themed: …

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