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CII Leadership Center

The issues surrounding child abuse and neglect, domestic and community violence are highly complex. Consequently, treatment and prevention must take place on multiple fronts and may involve literally dozens of disciplines.

The Leadership Center at CII is the nucleus for a broad range of multidisciplinary activities, from research and program development to training and advocacy. Here, new knowledge comes to light, innovation is put to the test, and best practices are disseminated to the broader community for the benefit of children and families in and beyond CII’s service area.

Learn about our successes. View our 2017 Digital Annual Report.

Training & Conferences

For over 25 years, more than 60,000 professionals have participated in CII trainings—from local, single-topic workshops to national, multidisciplinary conferences—all working to ensure that professionals have the most up-to-date knowledge and tools necessary to positively impact the lives of high risk children and their families.

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Model Programs & Initiatives

One quality sets CII apart from most child welfare organizations: our enduring record of developing successful programs and initiatives that are designed to heal vulerable children and help troubled families thrive. These programs address major societal challenges and apply real-world solutions that yield positive, lasting results. What’s more, they can be replicated virtually anywhere.

Child Trauma Center — As part of our commitment to address the needs of the whole child and the whole family, CII created the Child Trauma Center. Part of the National Child Traumatic Stress Network, the Center provides comprehensive mental health services for children who have been abused, neglected, or exposed to violence in their home, school or community. Learn more

Project Fatherhood — Founded in 1997 by CII’s Dr. Hershel Swinger, Project Fatherhood supports child development by increasing positive involvement of fathers in the parenting of their children. Since its inception, some 15,000 fathers and their families have participated in Project Fatherhood. Read more about Project Fatherhood website.

Doctoral Clinical Psychology Internship Program

In addition to peer education efforts, CII works hard to maintain the quality and success of tomorrow’s professionals through a Doctoral Internship Program in Clinical Psychology, accredited by the American Psychological Assocation (APA). The 12-month intensive full-time program trains graduate students in the core competencies they need to successfully enter the field. Designed to reflect CII’s holistic approach to treatment, the Internship program provides graduate students the opportunity to gain extensive, hands-on clinical and treatment-focused training under the supervision of skilled professionals.

For details about the Internship program, click here.

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