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Children's Institute, Inc.: PQI Annual Report

PQI Annual Report


CII has an Agency-wide Performance Quality Improvement (PQI) system that creates a culture of quality throughout the Agency and the community that values efficient and effective delivery of services. CII is committed to the continual improvement of program service, performance and positive results. This is accomplished through both short-term and long-term planning, the systematic collection and review of service delivery data, recognition and implementation of specifically identified improvement projects, and continual efforts to communicate outcomes and recommendations.

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CII’s leadership, including Board members, Executive team, staff members, volunteers and members of the community (our stakeholders), work together to identify strengths and areas of positive practice, and to communicate these achievements throughout the organization. Regular training and support are given to all staff in order to increase the capacity of the Agency to sustain and improve performance and quality improvement activities.

CII’s PQI Plan not only defines the framework and function of the organization and its commitment to maintaining positive results, but also conveys the Agency’s dedication to excellence and continual improvement of all services. An example of this plan includes: analyzing quality improvement data and evaluating program effectiveness in order to recognize improvement opportunities, implementing and assessing improvements, and communicating findings and progress to staff, the Board of Trustees, and the community through its PQI process.

Performance and Quality Improvement takes into account each different area within the Agency and all children and families served. Furthermore, CII continues to be a state-wide leader in the use of data to highlight success and positive outcomes—as well as areas needing improvement—to service recipients.


The PQI Infrastructure has the PQI Coordinator as the central organizing figure. The PQI Coordinator is not a stand-alone position. Due to size and financial limitations, the Director of Administration serves as the PQI Coordinator for the organization. Responsibilities include:

  • Organize the PQI Committee Structure by recruiting and maintaining appropriate staff level involvement.
  • Work with select members of the Board of Trustees to encourage involvement at the governing body level.
  • Analyze data received from all programs and surveys.
  • Facilitate committee work.
  • Attend leadership meetings once per month.
  • Produce and distribute the PQI Quarterly Report.
  • Develop and maintain the PQI Plan with stakeholder input.
  • Serve as the point of contact for the Council on Accreditation during active accreditation cycles and in between.

The PQI Coordinator works with the Executive Leadership of the organization, leads the committee work, and guides all PQI Activities within the organization. The PQI Committee is currently comprised of positions within the organization from all regions, areas/domains of the organization, and at every level. Please refer to the PQI Committee binder for a listing of Committee members.

The PQI Committee meets on a monthly basis. The main activities of the PQI Committee include:

  • Review data analysis summaries from the PQI Coordinator to identify trends, strengths and areas of concern.
  • Review survey data from staff, consumers, Trustees and community members.
  • Review Improvement Plans and progress towards the completion of Improvement Plans.
  • Make recommendations to the leadership team of the organization based upon the information reviewed.

Establishment of a PQI Committee – While improvement efforts have always occurred at CII over its 110-year history, past efforts were not coordinated through a centralized PQI Committee but rather the Executive Leadership Team. During FY 15/16, a separate PQI Committee was formed.

As an example, CII recently launched and announced the PQI Committee and its membership in an Agency-wide e-blast and requested that any suggestions be made anonymously through inter-office email, and directly and/or confidentially to PQI members. These suggestions were given to the PQI Coordinator who presented them at the monthly PQI meeting and four Improvement Plans were developed.

Actions taken by the PQI Committee on suggestions/areas identified for improvement include:

  • The suggestion is not deemed appropriate and discarded.
  • The suggestion is deemed a lower priority and tracked for a later implementation timeframe.
  • The suggestion is actionable and determination is made as to what standing sub- Committee or Ad-Hoc Workgroup should take charge of creating, implementing and monitoring the Improvement Plan.

Communication from the PQI Committee is done through various means including immediate feedback from PQI members to those making the suggestion when appropriate. The PQI Committee reports to the Executive Leadership Team and Senior Leadership Team regularly on the status of PQI activities, and there are regular communications through CII’s intranet SharePoint, as well as other reports and updates in department meetings.

The PQI Committee is responsible for:

  • Continually reviewing organizational and management processes including the effectiveness of policies and procedures.
  • Outlining the methods and timeframes for quarterly as well as ongoing monitoring.
  • Defining methods for reporting findings of monitoring through the use of CII standard templates and timelines.
  • Reviewing progress for all services provided by CII and our contracted providers.
  • Supporting progress toward achieving short term (Operations Plan) and long range (Strategic Plan) goals related to scorecard performance, contract performance measures, internal targets, and service recipient outcomes.
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