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Children's Institute, Inc.: News Article: Introducing CII's Research and Evaluation Center Impact Report

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February 7, 2017

Introducing CII's Research and Evaluation Center Impact Report

Outcomes and Data Driven Evaluations of CII Programs & Services

CII is proud to announce the completion of its inaugural Research and Evaluation Center (REC) Impact Report! This report gives programs, staff, funders, community partners and CII Leadership the capacity to see the real accomplishments that our programs achieve towards their goals.

Download the 2015-2016 REC Report!

CII believes that the needs of vulnerable children and youth must be addressed on multiple levels and has developed an Integrated Service Model that is designed to address the whole child as well as the entire family. The CII model blends evidence-based clinical services to address trauma; early childhood programs to provide critical early intervention; child welfare and crisis response services to promote safety and permanency; youth development programs to enable children and youth to develop skills and self-esteem; and family support services to build on family strengths and promote stability.

The 11 members of CII’s Research and Evaluation Center (REC) help staff in these diverse programs to determine “what works.” While funders mandate some measures of clients and outcomes, in 2015, CII set out to develop a series of program-specific evaluations through the development of logic models. This Logic Model approach determines each program’s available resources, intervention components, expected short- and long-term outcomes, and measures of whether these outcomes are achieved. REC representatives and staff of each program, through a series of collaborative meetings, have developed a program-specific Logic Model that guides evaluation efforts and is revisited annually. An additional benefit of this approach is the increased ownership and buy-in of the evaluation process by direct service staff charged with collecting the data.

This inaugural REC Impact Report, based on program evaluations through the end of Fiscal Year 2015-2016, provides snapshots of the aims, measurement and outcomes for 16 representative CII programs and services. The report will support CII’s mission and goals of implementing best practices in trauma-informed care. CII will continue to use outcome and evaluation data for quality improvement and program innovation.

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