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Children's Institute, Inc.: Event Details: The Kids Music Club Plays Carnegie Hall!

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The Kids Music Club Plays Carnegie Hall!

April 2, 2010

Who would have dreamed that children in CII’s music program would perform Tchaikovsky’s “1812” Overture on the stage of Carnegie Hall?! A dream to be sure, considering that none of the group members had held a musical instrument or read a note of music until a year ago. While CII is best known for its innovative treatment services for children affected by violence and other trauma, the agency also offers a wide range of enrichment programs, such as visual and performing arts, music, computer education and more. Most recently, children in CII’s Kids Music Club were invited to join the award-winning North Park Middle School Band and perform at one of the country’s most famous concert venues.

The CII children were part of North Park’s outreach program, “Kids Helping Kids” under the direction of North Park Music Director Ron Wakefield. Wakefield wanted to create a way for North Park students to “give back” to children and families in crisis. Band members volunteer their time to teach and mentor their younger students, until the latter become proficient enough to play with the Band.

The Carnegie Hall performance was part of the venue’s “National Invitational Band & Orchestra Festival” held on April 2. In addition to their concert, the children enjoyed a week of sightseeing in New York, where they visited the Statue of Liberty, took a carriage ride in Central park and watched the award-winning musical, “Wicked” on Broadway!

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