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Children's Institute, Inc.: Event Details: The Colleagues Annual Luncheon and Fashion Show

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The Colleagues Annual Luncheon and Fashion Show

March 19, 2009

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Actress Angie Harmon, chef extraordinaire Wolfgang Puck and his wife Gelila, and fashion designer Kevan Hall all turned out this spring to support the work of CII. Like so many of the agency’s invaluable friends and partners, they were introduced to CII through the efforts of CII’s long-standing support group, The Colleagues.

For their annual spring luncheon and fashion show at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, The Colleagues enlisted Angie Harmon as Mistress of Ceremonies, and selected the Pucks as recipients of this year’s Champion of Children award. Kevan Hall’s Fall 2009 collection added more excitement to the afternoon.

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The Beverly Wilshire Hotel

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