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Children's Institute, Inc.: Event Details: Somatosensory Attunement Model: Developing Roots for Healthy Relationships

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Somatosensory Attunement Model: Developing Roots for Healthy Relationships

January 13, 2014

Science has shown the types and quality of relationships are central in neurodevelopment and attachment. This experiential program provides professionals with concrete and practical tools for building mental, emotional and behavioral health.

Years of developed expertise and thousands of clinical hours are behind Ms. Babeshoff’s development of the Somatosensory Attunement Model™ (SAM).

  • SAM’s program complements EBPs and integrates into existing Infant Mental Health and Early Childhood services.
  • Designed to expand professionals’ ability to teach sensory rich communications
    that bring the somatic or felt sense of security, regulation, reciprocity & understanding to primary care providers
  • SAM’s practical, adaptable and concrete tools provide a kinesthetic relationship centered program.
  • Modeling, repetition and encouragement generates internal shifts contributing to empowering families/care providers to express the types of relationship interaction skills known to optimize quality of life and developmental outcomes.
  • Mindfulness tools are intentionally part of SAM to support staff in self-awareness, co-regulation capacity and the prevention of compassion burn-out.

SAM’s focus is to increase the frequency and quality of all relationship interactions in day-to-day living. This healthy interdependence may serve our human potential developing a greater capacity for empathy, respect and nourishing life.

Standard registration: $800 | $25 CEs

Featured Presenter:
Kalena Babeshoff, is founder Foundation for Healthy Family Living® and Child Trauma Academy Fellow. Ms. Babeshoff’s innovative relationship-centered professional trainings, reflective mentoring & supervision express over 35 years in the healthcare field. Ms. Babeshoff is recognized as a leading expert in the field Infant Massage Communication in Parenting Ms Babeshoff remains committed to disseminating experiential and practical programs through continuing education with professionals that provide services with parents/care-providers and the grassroots of our society. She is a Mindfulness practitioner for over 3 decades and trained by Bob Stahl, PhD to teach Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). Ms. Babeshoff now serves as Consultant, Program Developer and guest lecturer offering her decades of expressed commitment and perspectives for the welfare of ourselves, our society and our world.

For More Information:
Please contact Maurice Welch, Sr. at or 213.260.7628.


January 13 – 16, 2014 | 8:30am – 5:00pm each day


Otis Booth Campus

2121 West Temple Street | Los Angeles, CA 90026


Registration costs includes continental breakfast each day; attendees are responsible for lunch.

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